"...my poetry forces mankind to confront the consequences
resulting from their decisions; to face the snubbed realities of today's everyman"

Welcome to the official website for Shirley Howard Hall

Diversified writer, widely read poet, noted public speaker
Advocate for peace, freedom, and equality


One Day highlights the issues and challenges facing mankind in the 20th and 21st centuries. Politics, religion, socio-economic and financial issues led to numerous campaigns on the battlefield, and on the middle class. Iin an attempt to spread democracy; conflicts became the order of the day. The war on the middle class extended beyond the assumed battleground. Despite a growing economy in many nations, adversity and catastrophe abounded. An uprising of hatred led to genocides, racial cleansings, and the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women and children, with race, financial standings and socio-economics determining the level and timeliness of assistance.





EMBRACE is a collection of adult situations penned in a poetic format. It introduces themes that will heat you up in the most wonderful places, and others that will angrily cool you down. With words you might not recognize and languages you might not understand, you'll connect with an exhumed passion, a flow of emotions, a raging anger, and just maybe an erotic pleasure. Confront the lines separating love, romance, intimacy, erotica and porn in a way truely your own.



As screams get louder and emotions clash with understanding, mankind finds himself shutting out the voices of the disenfranchised, the disadvantaged and the poor. Abused and enslaved, hopelessly helpless, living in tent cities and sleeping in cars their stories are scrolled ticker tape style across the bottom of our screens; consciously unseen – subconsciously unheard. Victims of a global injustice entangled in a whirlwind of confrontations, economics, and dogmas, are a marginalized society of real people, attempting to live real lives.


Musician and composer Tim Casey creates an original soundtrack to the award winning

advocacy poetry of SHIRLEY HOWARD HALL in this amazing production of 14

poems read by the author from her first collection ONE DAY and from LISTEN.




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